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SCT-8000 Logistics express face single online printing labeling machine
    Publish time 2018-07-04 11:01    
Product features:
The SCT-8000 SCT printing sticker series adopts the bottom pressure blowing type labeling, the sticker head can be fitted with the rotating device, the sticker angle is adjusted, and a function is used to complete the labeling of various products. It is suitable for the changing contents of the product packaging or transportation package, such as the box, box, bag, bucket or roll on the variable content label. Various types of production lines, product packaging lines or logistics sorting lines, etc.
? the SCT-8000 SCT printing labeling machine series is controlled by PLC, which is developed by our department. It can automatically detect the labeling objects in place and trigger the printing instructions. It can automatically obtain the information of the weighing equipment and other detection instruments, or integrate the upper management system such as WMS and ERP to obtain the data and print them into the label.
The SCT-8000 SCT printing sticker series can automatically print and blow up 30 variable content labels per minute to support high speed, continuous and high precision Inca stickers for 7x24 hours, which integrates excellent stability and excellent online performance.
The SCT-8000 series can be equipped with RFID label printing module to realize EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 label generation and automatic labeling.

Scope of application:
Widely used in the following industries: two or three level packaging labels for medical electronic supervision code; food and beverage production batches and sales tracking labels; tobacco production batches and sales tracking labels; cosmetics, daily production batches and sales tracking labels; manufacturing, distribution products or transport packaging labels; logistics transportation labels; Auto aftermarket spare parts, electronic maintenance spare parts, mail or express bags, e-commerce, directory sales, medical distribution and so on.

Technical advantages:

That is to say, fight and paste, completely eliminate printing, coding, data association and labeling errors.

The air blowing labeling method is not contacted with the surface of the labeled object without affecting the packaging quality.

Labelling board can be rotated to any angle top, bottom, side or tilt.

Adapt to the surface of the surface, cylindrical surface and other labeling surfaces

The original high precision online printing engine ensures printing quality and bar code readability.

The maximum length of labels and ribbon is 900m, reducing the number of shutdown switches.

Choose the advantage:

? unified management of label types and print data;

Unified management of labeling process parameters and operation records;

A bar code label is a hit and a stick.

Automatic label selection, automatic positioning and real-time labeling.

Adapt to small batch and multi variety production mode, quickly switch labeling process and reduce human intervention;

Ensure accuracy and repeatability of labeling, enhance product quality and consistency;

Improving the efficiency of labeling and reducing the cost of production;

? save space and facilitate the expansion of capacity.

Improve working conditions, reduce mobility and reduce labor costs.


print mode

Thermal transfer / thermal sensitivity

Printer model



Maximum print width



Maximum printing speed



Printing precision

300 dpi


One dimensional code

Code 39, UPC-A, UPC-E,Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, EAN-8,EAN-13, HIBC, Codabar, Plessey, UPC 2 and 5 digit addendums, Code 93, Postnet,UCC/EAN Code 128, Telepen

QR code

MaxiCode, PDF417, USD-8,Datamatrix, QR Code, Aztec, TLC 39, Micro PDF417

Label volume size

external diameter 200mm、internal diameter 25.1-76.2MM

Maximum carbon band length

600Meter,Max Outside Diameter90mm,Both inner and outer carbon ribbons can be used

standard interface

RS-232、serial port

optional interface

Wireless networks、 wired networks、RS-232、parallelparallel port,usb2.0,usb host,Bluetooth

Power supply requirements

220 VSingle phase communication,50-60 Hz、5A

Demand for gas supply

>0.6 Mpa

Air flow

3-5 CFM

Environmental Science

5-40 ℃,10-85% RH


100 KG


According to the specific model


CE、CSA、ETL(UL 60950)、FCC Class A

Standard configuration

Fast changing label arm

Germany FESTO pneumatic components, Germany labor easy photoelectric switch on-demand trigger label printing, labeling status display, 
abnormal alarm, three segment alarm lamp

Optional configuration

Special support for different assembly line and conveyor line requirements.

Online bar code quality detector to ensure the identifiability of each bar code, such as bi-directional labeling, corner labeling,
pendulum arm labeling,
and other RFID label printing modules